A Note from the President – Jenn Bell

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.54.22 PMShiny, happy people.  OK, I apologize if this REM song is now stuck on replay in your head, but I think it is a very fitting description of our club members.  I also think it is a testament to one of the reasons we have grown in numbers over the past few years.  We are a fun-loving group who are always willing to help out in any way possible, and we are one another’s #1 supporters.  Whether it be lending a wetsuit, helping change a flat, or offering encouraging advice (“You look fantastic!”  “Great pace!”), we support each other in good times and bad. 
This was especially apparent at the Keuka Lake Triathlon and Tri-Dunkirk, as the BTC presence was overwhelmingly friendly, and our colors were everywhere.  If you are coming last out of the water, or heading to the finish in first, it is always encouraging to hear your name or the familiar “GO BTC” from a fellow racer or spectator. 
With the race season ramping up, I wish you success in your upcoming endeavors.  Support one another, and stay shiny, happy people! 

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