How About an Extra Thursday Night Brick?

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 2.06.54 PM

The end of the Thursday bricks and time trials is sadly approaching.
A few years ago we added a 3-3-3 brick to the annual schedule for the endurance folks that like to go long.  We sometimes get requests for a shorter brick, for the folks that like to ‘sprint.’  We are considering adding a 1-1-1 brick to the end of the North Amherst schedule, on Thursday September 19th.  It would be a 1 mile run, 1 lap of the bike course (6.3 miles), and a 1 mile run.  Watch our web site, online calendar, Facebook, and email for more details!
The complete schedule, results, course maps, photos, and more, can all be found on our web site.
Would you like a 1-1-1 brick added to the schedule?

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