Cheryl Sak – BTC Election Bio

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.22.25 AMI am not a triathlete (yet), but I am in awe of the athletes in the BTC! The group provides a wonderful training ground and support group for members at all levels. From the time I joined in 2012 with my wonderful husband of 23 years, Gary Randolph, I have attended, volunteered for, and participated in many club activities. Although I still consider myself a newbie, the club members have always been warm and supportive.
When I am not out running or doing fun things with Gary, I am the Software Engineering Director for a local technology company. I think the skills I use in my job will make me an asset to the club. I manage a budget, run projects, and engage in frequent negotiations to achieve technical and business goals. I’m very organized and detailed; ask Gary about my “lists”! As a BTC board member, I would like to make sure the club continues to balance its support for more elite athletes with the activities that nurture newcomers. The club has done both very well and I would work to continue that balance.

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