Joseph Rogalski – BTC Election Bio

JR-2Paying it forward and my sincere appreciation for the Buffalo Triathlon Club is why I am seeking election to the BTC Board of Directors.

My name is Joe Rogalski I am new to the club and triathlon in the last year but I am not new to hard work and to helping others.  I am a husband and father of two, for my day job I am an internet security consultant but I also own a successful real estate business as well.

About 18 months ago I found myself 40-50lbs overweight and I was that way for the good part of 20 years.  I tried many different diets and workouts routines I just couldn’t find the right combination.  Being a former runner, 20 years ago I ran D1 cross country my freshman year, I decided that I was going to run a marathon the next January about 9 months later.  I started to run and eat right amazingly the weight started coming off.  I ended up injuring my IT band playing golf of all things.  No more running for the foreseeable future, at that point I started swimming and riding.  Hey triathlon looks cool I’ll try that and I fell in love.  Then I joined BTC and fell head over heels in love.  It has been a rocket ride since then I have lost over 60lbs and I am performing beyond my wildest expectation.  We are now scheduling family vacations around race, my daughter has been seen wearing the BTC swim cap and has done a few kids tris even being on training wheels.  The passion club member have is incredible and I feel such pride in wearing the BTC jersey. 

JR-1The club made me feel so welcome I want to continue that moving forward for others that join and share my experience and all I have learned.  I can help in multiple areas for the club including financial as well as in technology.  I will work tirelessly for the club and bring my passion for triathlon to board paying it forward.

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