Katie Sumner – BTC Election Bio

KS-1Hi BTC, my name is Katie Sumner and I’d like to be considered as a BTC board member. I’m a Buffalo native who’s been part of the Buffalo Triathlon Club for 1 year now. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and comradery I’ve experienced in my limited time with the club. Being a triathlete has instilled a sense of confidence and pride in not only what I have achieved, but also awe at those in the club who have competed in races of all lengths in all parts of the world.

My favorite thing about the club is meeting new people and talking to them about their experiences and reasons for WHY they tri. Everyone has a story, and triathlons, along with BTC, is a great common ground to continually inspire and learn from each other.

I am not the most athletic person, in fact I am a self-proclaimed worst triathlete ever! The reason I tri is for stress relief, and to reach my goal of finishing a race. Although I find myself thinking “I hope I’m not last”, I realize deep down that I am competing against myself and reaching my own personal goals.  I’m at the tail end of a 5 year journey to obtain my MS/BS in Physician Assistant studies. This will be my third completed college degree – following Commerce from Niagara University and Medical Assisting from Seattle. After living in Seattle in my early 20’s I moved back home and married my childhood friend Miles – we’ve been married for 3 years now.


I would help BTC fulfill their mission by reaching out to that person who is new, unsure, or reserved for whatever reason and help them feel comfortable, meet others, and achieve their goal of competing in a triathlon. I ask that you offer me the opportunity to help repay all the kindness I’ve experienced. Whether you are a new member, a new athlete, or a seasoned athlete and experienced member I will be here to support you!

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