Sharon Winiewicz – BTC Election Bio

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.28.46 PMI have been a member of the BTC since 2011 and my husband Mike is also a member. We live in Elma, NY. I am very passionate about our sport and our club – The BTC, and have strong organizational and computer skills. I came from a body building background, prior to becoming a runner. I discovered Triathlons when I met Nancy Gworek and after watching people ride bikes wired to computers, and swimming in a small endless pool. I was hooked – so I bought a tri-bike and a wetsuit.

I still consider myself a newbie to the sport; taking a while to progress from sprints to an Olympic. I have raced at the Nationals and made the USA team for Worlds. This past year was a big one for me: I did my first half-Ironman, first full marathon and volunteered at the Lake Placid Ironman. Next year, I have signed up for my first full Ironman at Lake Placid.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.28.37 PMDuring my time with the BTC, I have not only participated in many races, but have also volunteered to help at races, including the Para-triathlete championship race.

What I can bring to this club – is a very hard work ethic, a desire to assist the club and its members, and a compassion for people. As an example, I stopped during my first full marathon to help someone who fell and needed assistance to get to the medical tent. I later found out she was from Buffalo (she knew who I was since I had a BTC shirt on).

Thank you for considering me. Go BTC!!!!!!

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