Katie Sumner – BTC Election Bio

KS-1Hi BTC, my name is Katie Sumner and I’d like to be considered as a BTC board member. I’m a Buffalo native who’s been part of the Buffalo Triathlon Club for 1 year now. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and comradery I’ve experienced in my limited time with the club. Being a triathlete has instilled a sense of confidence and pride in not only what I have achieved, but also awe at those in the club who have competed in races of all lengths in all parts of the world.

My favorite thing about the club is meeting new people and talking to them about their experiences and reasons for WHY they tri. Everyone has a story, and triathlons, along with BTC, is a great common ground to continually inspire and learn from each other.

I am not the most athletic person, in fact I am a self-proclaimed worst triathlete ever! The reason I tri is for stress relief, and to reach my goal of finishing a race. Although I find myself thinking “I hope I’m not last”, I realize deep down that I am competing against myself and reaching my own personal goals.  I’m at the tail end of a 5 year journey to obtain my MS/BS in Physician Assistant studies. This will be my third completed college degree – following Commerce from Niagara University and Medical Assisting from Seattle. After living in Seattle in my early 20’s I moved back home and married my childhood friend Miles – we’ve been married for 3 years now.


I would help BTC fulfill their mission by reaching out to that person who is new, unsure, or reserved for whatever reason and help them feel comfortable, meet others, and achieve their goal of competing in a triathlon. I ask that you offer me the opportunity to help repay all the kindness I’ve experienced. Whether you are a new member, a new athlete, or a seasoned athlete and experienced member I will be here to support you!

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Gary Randolph – BTC Election Bio

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.19.24 AMFriendly and supportive; those are the words that come to mind when I think of the BTC. It might be Jeri Olson dropping off some BTC swag at my doorstep on her way to work, or Joe Drees taking time to show me how to box my bike for travel. It could be Lisa Trapasso’s energetic smile cheering me on during an event, or perhaps it’s Charlie Watson, near the end of his own Ironman effort at Lake Placid asking my wife, “How’s Gary doing?” It’s certainly the dear friends like Joe Grey, Kate Leary, Barb O’Reilly, Marit Ogin, Patricia Naffky, Russ Scherwitz, Kristina Marquez, and others with whom I have spent many hours biking, running, and swimming.

Now, it’s time to return some of the love. I want to serve on the BTC Board and I’m asking for your vote.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.19.51 AM

I am a retired software engineer with an awesome wife and three grown children (and two not-so-grown grandchildren). I have completed 5k, half marathon, full marathon, half ironman, and full ironman races. I have placed first in my age group in several races and I have DNF’d. I know the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat; I appreciate the lessons of each. Perhaps most importantly, I volunteer often!

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Cheryl Sak – BTC Election Bio

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.22.25 AMI am not a triathlete (yet), but I am in awe of the athletes in the BTC! The group provides a wonderful training ground and support group for members at all levels. From the time I joined in 2012 with my wonderful husband of 23 years, Gary Randolph, I have attended, volunteered for, and participated in many club activities. Although I still consider myself a newbie, the club members have always been warm and supportive.
When I am not out running or doing fun things with Gary, I am the Software Engineering Director for a local technology company. I think the skills I use in my job will make me an asset to the club. I manage a budget, run projects, and engage in frequent negotiations to achieve technical and business goals. I’m very organized and detailed; ask Gary about my “lists”! As a BTC board member, I would like to make sure the club continues to balance its support for more elite athletes with the activities that nurture newcomers. The club has done both very well and I would work to continue that balance.

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Josh Hanley – BTC Election Bio

JH-1When I first got into triathlon during college I was just like every other confused newby trying to figure out why everyone on the bike was faster than me and how to run without my legs feeling like jello.  Then I saw a racer with a Buffalo Triathlon Club kit and immediately went home and joined the club.

The first brick I did with the club didn’t go very well, I ended up biking to transit road before figuring I was probably lost.  I finished dead last by about 10 minutes that day, but when I finished the final 3 mile run everyone was still there waiting for me and I even got a clap from the group.  I knew then – this wasn’t a regular group of people.Over the years I’ve met some of the greatest people I know.  Some of them I now consider family.  I know that without such an incredible and supportive group of people I wouldn’t still be doing triathlon today.

My favorite thing about the BTC is that no matter your skill level, whether a Kona qualifier or a first timer, you’re always welcome to the workouts and you’ll always have someone there for support.  The other thing I love about the club is the number and quality of club events.  From the Spring Thing to the time trial and weekly brick workout, members have an incredible resource to test themselves and get in quality workouts.

It’s because of all these things that I feel I need to begin to give back to the club.  I’ve spent the past 4 years enjoying everything the club has to offer and now I believed its my time to be one of the people that devotes their free time to making sure the club is everything that it can be.

JH-2As a small business owner I believe I’m particularly suited to assisting the other board members in planning and running club events in the future.  As a board member I’ll do everything in my power to ensure club members have the same or better experiences that I’ve had since joining.

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