Niagara Falls Barrelman Features an Epic Venue and Early Entry Prize Pool

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 3.58.40 PMHello BTC members it’s spring and the snow is nearly melted. Before you know it we’ll be swimming in open water! It is also is a time of year where many people are planning races and events for the season. Our good friends at MultiSport Canada have reached out to us with some cool news around the Barrelman race happening on September 20th 2015.

Message from John Salt; Founder and President  of MultiSport Canada Productions Inc.

“We are truly excited to have secured the Welland International Flatwater Centre as the site of Transition #1 and the Swim Start. This state of the art facility will give athletes the same incredible sight lines during the swim and spectators will have stadium seating to view the start and swim course. The pristine waters of the Welland Recreational Waterway are not subject to adverse weather conditions and have hosted the World Long Course Swim Championships and will be the site of the rowing competitions for the 2015 Pan Am Games. If you get a chance you should check out the video that highlights the Centre.”

Athlete and Spectator Friendly

Reaction from athletes who raced with us last year was incredible and we believe this new Swim Start and Transition #1 makes this a world class event. All athletes who enter prior to June 21st are added to the Early Entry Prize Pool.

P.S. Athletes from the U.S. still have that 20% currency exchange working in their favour. #barrelmantri


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