Jim Herbert

11014908_10205678542219111_5206334632458984606_n 2My name is Jim Herbert and I’m running for a position of board member of theBuffalo Triathlon Club.  While I’ve only been a member a short time I’ve made many great friends, learned a great deal about the sport, but most importantly had a lot of fun in the process.  All the rumors about this club are true, the members are welcoming, supportive and certifiable nut jobs, which means I fit right in.

I joined the club to learn from experienced racers, which this club has a treasure trove of, and to help out in areas I may be able to offer something.  The club doesn’t run on its own, it requires the work of dedicated individuals who many times put the club before their own interests.  I’d like to be one of those individuals. I’m friendly, energetic, hard working and always willing to lend a hand when and where needed.  If elected I would like to help out with the weekly open water swims and southtown bricks, help with managing our club tents and whatever needs another set of hands.

Thank you for your consideration.

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