2016 BTC Board Member Elections are Here!


BTC 2016 Elections

2015 is rapidly coming to a close and this makes it BTC Board Member Election time! The current board is thrilled to see the enthusiasm this year as we have a number of interested individuals running!

A BTC Board seat  position lasts two years. Current board members are listed below along with their designation and status. Currently we have 10 people running for a total of six open positions. There is a total of 11 board seats.

6 Slots Currently Electing for:

  • Jennifer Bell – Term Ends 2015:Running for 2016/17
  • Derek Bell – Term Ends 2015:Not Running for 2016/17
  • Keith Burtis – Term Ends 2015:Running for 2016/17
  • Charlie Watson – Term Ends 2015:Not Running for 2016/17
  • Lisa Trapasso – Term Ends 2015:Running for 2016/17
  • Joe Drees – Term Ends 2015:Not Running for 2016/17

5 Slots Filled Through 2016:

  • Gary Randolph
  • Sharon Winiewicz
  • Joe Pautler
  • George Hackford
  • Heather McIntyre

Because we had so many folks nominated we created a bio page for each individual. Click on the images of each nominee below and it will take you to their bio page to learn more. Keep an eye out in your email as we will be sending everyone a ballot to make their choices for the 2016 board.


jin hebert - thumberin sheehan-thumbScreen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.53.09 PMJenn Bell-ThumbLisa Trapasso-thumb
Keith Burtis-Thumb
karla sommers-thumb
Amy Campbell-thumbbryan dever-thumbJoe Levesque-thumb

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