Joe Levesque

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.10.53 PMMy name is Joseph (Joe) Levesque and I am running for a position on the Buffalo Triathlon Club (BTC) Board of Directors. My wife’s name is Cathy. We both are into fitness. She just completed her first bodybuilding competition. I just completed the 2015 Lake Placid Ironman. I volunteer with several organizations, such as my church, school board of education, Police Unity Tour, local snowmobile club, and the American Legion. I believe it is important for people to be involved in their communities. I find that volunteering is a way to give back to an organizations that has helped me in so many ways.

The BTC has helped me achieve my goal of finishing the Ironman. They were there during training sessions, support, and cheering during the events. The BTC is more than just a bunch of athletes; it is family to me. Cathy and I do not have any family in the Western New York area; the BTC has helped fill that void. I take pride in being a member of the club and I am proud to wear our club clothing not only at sporting events, but around town as well.

So, why should you elect me? As you can see from my photograph above; I am just an average guy. I was having fun completing the Ironman and BTC was an instrumental part of my smile. So, I want to help ensure that our club stays viable for future athletes in the years to come. I want to help anyone who is beginning their quest of completing a triathlon with club training locations and support during their training. I want to cultivate our young athletes who are our club’s future. These are just a few of the reasons why you should elect me as a member of the BTC Board of Directors. Thank You

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