2017/18 Board Member Elections

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-4-03-59-pmIt’s that time of year again when we begin consideration and voting for the open board member slots of the Buffalo Triathlon Club. This year, the deadline for candidate nominations was October 31st. Bios will be published here on the blog as they are received with online voting beginning in late November. Announcements of the winners will come as voting completes and new or reelected board members will be installed at our club banquet in January.

How Many People Are on the Board and How Many Slots are Available?

The BTC board consists of 11 members, and each term is 2 years, with half of the terms expiring each year.  The following 6 board members have 1 year remaining on their terms, and will continue to serve on the board for 2017:

  1. Jennifer Bell (current president)
  2. Amy Benedict
  3. Keith Burtis
  4. Erin Sheehan
  5. Karla Sommers (current treasurer)
  6. Lisa Trapasso

The terms of the following 5 board members are expiring, and they will need to run for re-election if they want to continue to serve on the board for 2017-2018:

  1. George Hackford
  2. Heather McIntyre
  3. Joe Pautler (current vice president)
  4. Gary Randolph
  5. Sharon Winiewicz (current secretary)

Who has currently been nominated or chosen to Run for a 2017/2018 Board Seat:

  1. Joe Pautler (Currently Serving)
  2. George Hackford (Currenty Serving)
  3. Mark Sommers
  4. David Federspiel
  5. Mark Knerr
  6. Alisha Gannon
  7. Dave Shapiro

Click on each candidate name to see their bio and information

More information on Board Member Duties and Activities

Board members meet once per month (for approximately 2 hours, usually over dinner at a local restaurant), and keep in touch via email and in-person to manage the overall direction and administration of the BTC.  Tasks that are overseen by the board include such things as weekly club workouts (swims & bricks), club events (Spring Thing, Ontario Scenario, etc), organization of the annual banquet and other social get-togethers, processing memberships, newsletter & blog, apparel orders, negotiating sponsorship and partnership agreements that include discounts for BTC members, accounting and budget management, BTC asset management (tent, bike boxes, safety equipment, etc), administration of the web site and Facebook page, BTC library management, and more!

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