Alisha Gannon



When I was a kid, I fell in love with Triathlons after watching Kona for the first time on Television. At that time the sport was new to me and I never thought I would ever compete in a triathlon myself – let alone an Ironman! At first it was a passing desire until later on in life, while working as a personal trainer, a client encouraged me to try a triathlon. I took their advice and signed up and I have participated in Triathlons ever since. Now I have 3 Ironman’s under my belt.The BTC has been apart of my growth as a triathlete and I am grateful for the passionate members that trained and encouraged my love for the sport. I have served the past two years as a board member for the BTC.  I have enjoyed this time helping to organize club events, NCC challenge, and organized our most recent sweat pants order.  This is a great club that I love to give back to.  I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping others learn about triathlons. During this summer, I really missed talking with members at our lake Erie swims, races and other events.  I had a accident a year ago and a couple of surgeries that put me on the bench this year. I look forward to getting back to training, working out and racing with everyone next year.In addition to the BTC, I have gained 11 years of valuable experience being involved with the Western N.Y. Herpetological Society. I served as President for 6 straight years, Vice President 3 years, and board member for 2 years.alisha1

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