Brad Hilimon

My name is Brad Hilimon, that “tall guy” you’ve probably seen at numerous BTC events the last four years. I was nominated to run the for BTC board. Five years ago I never would have imagined that someone would want me to help run a triathlon club but I will throw my name into the election and see what happens. Like many people I didn’t get into this until I was in my 30s but over the last four years I’ve come to like the sport more than I ever expected to.

My first race was a Tri in the Buff in 2014 where I had no idea what I was doing. The crazy waves that day didn’t make for a great first experience but I stuck with it. Soon after that race I joined the BTC and since then I’ve completed 9 more triathlons including IM Lake Placid 70.3 in September, IM Syracuse 70.3 in 2016 and various olympic and sprint races locally and across the state. In that time I’ve also completed 13 running races ranging from 5-25K on both road and trails.

I’m confident I would never have gotten this far without the opportunities the BTC has offered over the years, especially the open water swims and swim coaching opportunities. The BTC only exists because of the continued volunteer support from its members. There’s something to be said when you can go to races across the state (and in other states!) and people yell out “BTC!” along the course.

I’ll never win any races and I’m not sure I’ll ever do a “full” anything but if I can help get more people involved in the sport I’ll consider it a win. I’m looking forward to cheering people on in Lake Placid again next summer and possibly being a member of the BTC board.

– Brad Hilimon

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