Helga Ivanova

4 years ago I was introduced to the BTC by a co-worker of mine Mark Sommers. I had a strong believe I will be an Ironman one day…at that time I could not swim to the other end of the pool, I never owned a bike (my dad had a severe bike injury and made sure non of us kids ever owned a bike or learn to bike). The only thing I knew was to run some middle distances, despite couple broken bones, ACL replacement and meniscus tear. Little did I know that many of the BTC members I met while working out and at some races and events will become my closest friends and family.

I definitely have come long way, completed my first 1/2 distance IM aqua at Barrellman in September… unfortunately I have been dealing with injuries last 3 years. So I raced if I could or if I could not I volunteered or was a sherpa… I volunteered at Score-This races, the Buffalo Marathon BTC water stops, IMLP, and the lastest Light in the Darkness…it’s a very humbling experience to be part of the journeys and unbelievable achievements of others…high class athletes and unbroken spirits despite horrible circumstances is what the club members are made of.

I have been able to improve above and beyond because of the friendships, support, resources, sponsors, and all organized events the club has offered. I love and am a proud member of the BTC club,  not to mention BTC gear has one of the best designs…It will be an honor for me to be able to serve as a board member.


Helga Ivanova

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