Kelly Voigt

Kelly VoigtI became an “unofficial” member of the club in 2015 via my relentless stalking of the Club’s FB page. Finding endless inspiration and motivation from member’s posts of their training experiences, successful races, and even the posts on when things didn’t go as planned.  I just kept thinking “How can I become like them?”

I fearfully answered that question in 2016 and officially joined with the help of 2 persistent and encouraging board members (Hackford and Knerr) that wouldn’t take any of my excuses I gave them including the one that I had children to raise that I haven’t even met yet so I have no time to join this club! They saw right through that….

I would have never imagined all the great changes that come with hitting that “Join the Club” button. From shaking in fear waiting to jump in the pool at ECC for my first sprint triathlon to tackling the Lake Placid 70.3 a year and a half later and now looking forward to my first Ironman in 2019. Through the inspiration, motivation, advice and guidance of the members of this club, I have gained a level of confidence and physical abilities I never thought possible.

By joining this club, I have done what so many people strive to do in life. I have surrounded myself with people who add value to my life and who challenge me to be greater then I was yesterday. I have officially found my Tribe. 

I appreciate and am honored to have been nominated to join the legacies of the BTC board and if selected would be delighted in being part of the upcoming team that ensures this club and its members continue to achieve all their dreams and goals on and off the course….

Now go get that training done!!

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