Candidate Bio: Amy Bryan

Amy.jpgI have been a member of BTC for about 8 years. The club has offered so much to me through the Northtown Bricks, the Lake Erie Swims, the Lake Ontario Swims etc. I have participated in the Ontario Scenario, the Lockport UNdo and several other BTC events. Through these events I have learned a great deal about triathlon and certainly learned to push myself beyond what I ever thought that I could do. I have done almost all of the local triathlons, nine half-ironmen (Musselman was my favorite) and a full Ironman in Muscoka. The support of BTC, the crowd cheering go BTC, has meant so much to me during these events.

Another thing that I truly value is that the club is open to all levels of participants. Newbies are welcomed as are old timers like me. I have made many friends through BTC and  I never would have even meet them otherwise. This friendship and support is very special to our club.

I feel that it is time that I give back to the club by joining the board and helping to keep this wonderful organization growing. I have board experience, DeSales Catholic School Board, 8th district Dental Society Excecutive Council and the Palace Board in Lockport. These experiences have helped me to learn to support the organizations that I truly believe in.

I will do my best to be a participating board member. I feel that I can contribute some new ideas and will support BTC in any way that I can.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Bryan

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