Candidate Bio: Brad Hilimon

brad-picMy name is Brad Hilimon, I’ve been in the BTC for 6 years and a board member for the last 2. Since joining the board I’ve been the Lake Ontario swim coordinator and have taken over all membership management and IT-related responsibilities. I’ve also lead the effort to migrate our membership management to a new platform to help improve club communication.

We’ve made various tweaks and changes over the last year to change things up and try to improve member participation, which we’ve heard many good things about. We want to make sure the BTC appeals to athletes of every experience level. We hope to use this year’s member survey to continue making improvements next year. We value everyone’s feedback and want to make sure we’re doing things that benefit the majority of our members.

I feel the local triathlon community is still strong. We have lost a few local races over the last couple years but have had even more new local races replace them. All around Western New York, no matter how big or small the race, there is sure to be some BTC members participating.

When I wrote my first board member election bio 2 years ago I said I’m confident I would never have gotten this far without the opportunities the BTC has offered over the years, especially the open water swims. The BTC only exists because of the continued volunteer support from its members. There’s something to be said when you can go to races across the state (and in other states!) and people yell out “BTC!” along the course.


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