Candidate Bio: David Federspiel

Dave.jpgHello All,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is David Federspiel.  I have been a member of the club since 2013 and have served on the BTC Board of directors since 2017.  In those years I have enjoyed the opportunity to help plan club events, schedule bike box’s/ club tents for athletes and events and general operations of our great club.  But I have to say the most enjoyment is helping new athletes to the club and to the sport of triathlon. For myself there isn’t a greater joy then helping others achieve their goals.  To me it is a way to give back to those who helped me in my triathlon journey, many of which went above and beyond, and I honestly can say I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my successes without their help and guidance.  I would be honored to receive your support in the 2020 BTC Board of Directors position. I would like to thank those members who will be leaving the board after many years of hard work and dedication. Your efforts have resulted in the great club we have, and you will be missed.  Since joining the club, I have taken great pride as a member, taking part in club activities, racing, training with members and showing my BTC colors with pride. All my accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of my fellow members. I look forward to the possibility to serve on the board for 2020-22.  I believe the following years will be an important period in our club. We have grown and I look forward to hearing from YOU, the members, the backbone of our club …What do you like/ dislike? How can we go about building on our successes and work on issues that need attention? Club members involvement is essential to its success.  It has been a pleasure working with the current board and I look forward to serving you again.

Thank You, Dave

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