Candidate Bio: Gretchen Neureuter

Gretchen.pngWhile I’ve been a BTC member for a few years, I didn’t become an active member until the past two seasons. Now, I’d like the opportunity to give back to the club. There’s nothing like being at a race (or anywhere really) wearing BTC gear and hearing “Go BTC!” I love everything this club stands for and hope to share my passion with others just starting out.

My interest in triathlon began in 2013 as a means to become healthier and get my body moving but in no time, I had caught the bug. As I understand in this club, that’s a pretty common occurrence 🙂 . One of the reasons I decided to become more active in the BTC was the unwavering support of fellow members at IMMT 2017. The high fives and friendly smiles on course from teammates (whom I had only met days prior) truly helped me finish strong . I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know other BTC members at the Lake Erie swims, Northtown bricks, Undu and various local races. Other triathlon clubs constantly comment on how fun/friendly the BTC is and I’d be so honored to continue that legacy. While I am certainly not the fastest triathlete on course, I pride myself in my ability to push through the tough times and keep a smile at the finish line.

Thank you again to our club for welcoming all athletes and creating a space where we can be some level of “crazy” together. I hope to have the opportunity to join the board but at the very least, look forward to sharing a race course with fellow BTC members in the future. As they say, “Swim like you’re going to drown, ride like you stole it and run like they’re chasing you.”

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