Candidate Bio: Tina Macey

Tina.jpgMy name is Tina. I began triathlon in 2016. I was a runner before that, having completed my first half marathon in 2013. In the years that followed, I ran a few more halves, but running started to take a toll on my body, and my mind. I decided to try triathlon as a way to change things up, and to get me off the couch again. I grew up a swimmer, and had ridden a bike here and there, so I thought, why not! I picked a race, and gave myself 12 weeks to get ready. I had no idea what I was doing, and was really just flying by the seat of my pants. I didn’t even know anyone at the time that had ever done a Tri. Me and my 1988 steel frame Shwinn (with down tube shifters), and an old pair of running shoes gave it my best idea of training. I joined the club about a month before the race, and learned I was totally unprepared. I scrambled to get into open water and get a wet suit, and get a wetsuit on! It was a comedy of errors, but the people I met were warm and welcoming, and full of great advice and resources. On the big day, the swim was canceled, and I was left feeling a bit lacking. I didn’t actually do the Tri. It needs the swim to be a Tri. My teammates directed me toward the Dunkirk race that year, and helped me get a real training plan in place. I took 4th overall female, and officially caught the triathlon bug.

Since then, I have done numerous sprint distance races, gone to USAT Nationals,
gotten injured, recovered, and completed a half IronMan. Most importantly, I have met
and become friends with some of the most thoughtful and caring people. Whether I
was celebrating or struggling, the people from my team have always gotten me
through. When Kelly asked if she could nominate me for the board, I was blown away,
and unexpectedly fired up about what that role could look like. I have made some
amazing connections with this team, and would love to usher a new group of bright
eyed and excited athletes into our world of triathlon. I may not have stuck with the
sport had I not had so much support from this team, and would be honored to share
that love and support with new and existing members, and create a strong, year round
community. I’d like to see more than just group swims, but also runs and rides. I’d like
to help buddy up team members with first timers to ease the worry of race day, and
create connections for training, even in the off season.

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